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The core of ecorisQ is made of its members. By joining ecorisQ you will expand your professional network and profit from transparent tools in the field of natural hazard risks. Being an ecorisQ member demonstrates that you are willing to increase the transparancy and reproducibility of natural hazard analyses and that you promote sustainable protection against natural hazards.  

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FAN course on protection forests for natural hazard specialists

The FAN Autumn Course 2022, which takes place in 1 and 2 September 2022 in Brig (Switzerland) addresses the forest as a living organism but also as a biological protection...

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The International EcorisQ Association (ecorisQ) is a global community of professionals who promote sustainable, where possible nature-based, solutions for natural hazard risk reduction. We do this by bringing together science and practice for the development and dissemination of transparent tools for natural hazard and risk analyses. Further we facilitate international cooperation and stimulate the exhange of knowledge, as well as the standardisation of methods.

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Repeat performance – climate change, extremes, records, atmospheric rivers – what’s next?

Europe battles high temperatures, fires, and record low river levels that have exposed historical artefacts not seen for centuries while New Zealand experiences its wettest winter on record. What is happening, and are our natural hazards becoming well, more hazardous and more frequent? Many parts of New Zealand experienced the wettest July since records b...

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