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The core of ecorisQ is made of its members. By joining ecorisQ you will expand your professional network and profit from transparent tools in the field of natural hazard risks. Being an ecorisQ member demonstrates that you are willing to increase the transparancy and reproducibility of natural hazard analyses and that you promote sustainable protection against natural hazards.  

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Our goal

The International EcorisQ Association (ecorisQ) is a global network that is active in the field of natural hazard risks. Members of ecorisQ are mainly professionals working in the sectors of consultancy, policy-making, education and research. Our main goal is:

  • To promote sustainable, where possible nature-based, solutions for natural hazard risk reduction by bringing together science and practice for the development and dissemination of transparent tools for natural hazard and risk analyses.

Our activities

ecorisQ deals with risks related to natural hazards, nature-based solutions and green/gray infrastructure combinations. Its key activities are:

  • creating and governing an international network on natural hazard risk management
  • facilitating exchange of knowledge and dissemination of innovative transparent tools
  • initiating and supporting research and development projects in fields relevant for the association
  • standardising methodologies relevant for natural hazard risk management and assisting in respective international debates 

Our Q

The Q in ecorisQ stands for:

  • Quality - our standards of high professionalism
  • Quantified - we work on the basis of facts and sound scientific knowledge
  • Inventive and future oriented (following Q, the MI6 Quartermaster)
  • Quaternary - we focus on temporal scales larger than regular presidential terms and spatial scales from single slopes to watersheds.

The name ecorisQ comes from ecosystem (the interconnectedness of organisms with each other and their environment), economy (effective management of the resources of a community or system) and risque, the french word for risk.

Our publications

EcorisQ relevant publications can be found here.


Details about ecorisQ membership can be found here or go directly to the Membership Application.


The legal structure of ecorisQ is a non-profit association governed by its statutes and, secondarily, by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. It is neutral politically, and non-denominational. The association has been founded in 2013 and has its seat in Bern, Switzerland.

 Click  pdf here to download the statutes (119 KB)  of the association and our pdf privacy statement (524 KB) .

The board of ecorisQ consists of:

  • Luuk Dorren (Switzerland, President)
  • Massimiliano Schwarz (Switzerland, Treasurer and Vice-president)

  • Chris Phillips (New Zealand, Secretary)
  • Frédéric Berger (France)
  • Pierre Raymond (Canada)
  • Silvia Simoni (Italy)
  • Kevin Schmidt (United States, Federal Liaison)

Our responsible person for the membership management is Maaike Hoffer (click here to contact us).