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Following the Junly 2021 flooding catastrophe in the area between Germany, Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands, ecorisQ in close collaboration with the Waterschap Limburg, organises its 8th general assembly focused on flood, bank erosion and drift wood management in hilly medium-size catchments (100 - 1000 km2) from 22 - 24 June 2022. This will take place in Valkenburg in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. The event will start with an excursion in the region with a strong focus on the flooding events of 2021. On the second day, we will organise a technical symposium on flood, bank erosion and drift wood management with presentations from local and international experts. The last day is reserved for courses on the tools made available by ecorisQ that allow for more quantified decisions on sustainable and effective solutions for natural hazard risk management. The program and registration website will follow in January 2022.