Fifth ecorisQ General Assembly 2018 in Norway

On the 20th and 21st of June 2018, ecorisQ organises the fifth general assembly in Norway. Members are invited to participate at a technical symposium on shallow landslides and rockfall...

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Benefits of membership

ecorisQ is an international association of natural hazard risk professionals. It endeavours to promote transparency and reproducibility in natural hazard and risk analyses and aims to establish a global network that works on sustainable solutions in natural hazard protection.   

Membership offers clear value and includes:

  • Involvement in a young, vibrant and ambitious international network
  • A members-only internet portal with free acces to tools (a.o. Rockyfor3D, FINT), publications and technical information
  • New business referrals and development through global reach and the possibility to be part of interdisciplinary consortiums
  • Opportunities to participate in ecorisQ conferences and training courses
  • Be active in special interest groups and help developing standards and guidelines; take part in meetings, discuss important issues and exchange information with colleagues from all over the world
  • Become part of a collective voice on important issues in natural hazard risk management
  • The opportunity to both advance your own cause and to strengthen common action in overcoming barriers to a more sustainable future

Who can become a member?

  • Individuals (non-professionals supporting the goals of ecorisQ)
  • Students
  • Professionals and organisations (independent consultants, companies, governmental agencies, schools/universities, research institutes, NGOs)

Membership fee

Individual Membership (non-professionals and students)                               1 consultative vote in the association 100 CHF/year
Professional Membership 1 (independant consultants and organisations with max. 5 employees); 1 representative vote in the association 200 CHF/year
Professional Membership 2 (organisations with max. 100 employees)
up to 2 representative votes in the association
300 CHF/year
Professional Membership 3 (organisations with more than 100 employees)
up to 3 representative votes in the association
400 CHF/year

Following many international NGOs, ecorisQ operates a High / Low Income Country classification. Individuals and Organisations from other than High Income Countries - with a per capita income of less than US$ 12,615 - will benefit from a discount of up to 50% on their membership fees. See

The membership runs on an annual basis from January to December. Depending on when you join in the year, the following will apply:

  • January - September: the full membership fee (12 months) for the current year will be charged to you.
  • October - December: the last three months of the current year are for free; the full membership fee for the following year will be charged to you

How to apply?

Please fill out the Membership Application Form